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Ricky Browne

Ricky Nolan Browne was born in 1977 which makes him a Xennial. This is the micro-generation between Gen X and Millenials.

Born in Australia, Ricky has lived most of his life in country NSW. Growing up on farms at Molong near Orange and Geurie near Dubbo, gave him a love for the bush and its diverse flora and fauna.

Ricky Browne is now forty-five and has written multiple books over the past three years, and is working on more. It took a few epochs of change before Ricky was able to write consistently.

He has written books for himself and made up books for his family, and has self-published six others. Four of his self-published books are humour, another a book of poetry, and one book on his principles for life he gleaned from his experiences and reading. Ricky also has two blogs containing short pieces of writing on society, politics and self-development.

Ricky Browne is an agnostic who takes inspiration from the bible but is in many ways critical of Christianity and the church. Ricky’s wife is a Christian, and he considers that to be one of the reasons she’s such a wonderful individual.

Ricky has incorporated a lot of insights from western and eastern philosophies and has done a fair amount of reading on modern psychology including positive psychology, which he has incorporated into his mental schema.

This incorporation of knowledge of the mind has given Ricky a high level of self-awareness and has made him a very logical thinker to a large degree.


Do what you can to improve things, but don’t forget to enjoy and be thankful for what is.

It’s so easy to look around at society and reflect on your situation and think things need to change, and they do need to change, they always need to change. But we must understand that changing the system will never lead to some perfect utopia, the flaw goes beyond the system and its culture.

It’s imprinted on our DNA. It’s written in the laws of nature. Perfect doesn’t exist. So yeah, fight for something better, but don’t forget to make the most of what is and enjoy it, and keep in mind how it could be so much worse.

Creating stories for yourself out of the mystical and magical.

As an agnostic, I don’t claim to know if magic does or doesn’t exist, or that there is or isn’t a higher power. Or that life has or has not got any purpose beyond its seeming randomness. But sometimes I like to sit in the glow of these metaphysical beliefs. I lean into them in my thinking, but I don’t lean on them as much as I possibly can. I try not to create narratives out of things not seen.

I can see those who do create stories and beliefs for themselves out of these metaphysical ideas and I believe that those narratives are generally misguided, neglect what is real, is seemingly more of a crutch than a point of growth, and they can over time pay a penalty for those narratives,

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