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Ricky Browne

Ricky Nolan Browne was born in 1977 which makes him a Xennial. This is the micro-generation between Gen X and Millenials.

Born in Australia, Ricky has lived most of his life in country NSW. Growing up on farms at Molong near Orange and Geurie near Dubbo, gave him a love for the bush and its diverse flora and fauna.

Ricky Browne is now forty-five and has written multiple books over the past three years, and is working on more. It took a few epochs of change before Ricky was able to write consistently.

He has written books for himself and made up books for his family, and has self-published six others. Four of his self-published books are humour, another a book of poetry, and one book on his principles for life he gleaned from his experiences and reading. Ricky also has two blogs containing short pieces of writing on society, politics and self-development.

Ricky Browne is an agnostic who takes inspiration from the bible but is in many ways critical of Christianity and the church. Ricky’s wife is a Christian, and he considers that to be one of the reasons she’s such a wonderful individual.

Ricky has incorporated a lot of insights from western and eastern philosophies and has done a fair amount of reading on modern psychology including positive psychology, which he has incorporated into his mental schema.

This incorporation of knowledge of the mind has given Ricky a high level of self-awareness and has made him a very logical thinker to a large degree.


As time goes by

How quickly the years go by. The last three years have gone past and that is but a tenth until I am 70. I hope I am as agile as my father at that age. It’s two days until Christmas and the year is Twenty-twenty. When I am my father’s age it will be twenty-fifty. I hope I’m around to see it.

A reptile living in a meat ant nest

The strangest natural phenomenon I have ever encountered was when I was about fifteen. I was living on a farm with my family near Geurie NSW. I was riding a motorbike in a patch of trees on the farm when I came across a meat ant nest. I decided to dig out a rut in the nest by spinning the back tyre of the bike.

The strange thing was that I uncovered part of a scaly reptile living in the nest. I don’t know whether it was a snake or a lizard but it was alive. I wasn’t game to disturb it any more than I already had, especially if it was a snake. I imagine it was a large lizard living off the ants, but I’ve never heard of such a thing or seen anything like it since.

Fantastic Beasts

My favourite fictional world is easily ‘The Wizarding World’ of ‘Harry Potter.’ I am eagerly waiting on the next instalment of Fantastic Beasts, I’d take that over the latest Marvel or Star Wars epic any day.

Harvard Positive Psychology Lectures

One of the few big sources of knowledge on self-development I’ve incorporated into my life is a series of Havard lectures on Positive Psychology by lecturer & author Tal Ben-Shahar.

Each lecture is an hour or more and there are twenty or so lectures in the course. I’ve watched all the lectures at least twice and some of it has stuck with me and has helped me navigate my life in a meaningful way.

The lectures are jam-packed with information on how people excel at life. It’s very digestible understandable knowledge and is a large part of the basis of my knowledge in the realm of psychology.

I found these lectures on http://ThePirateBay.org but they have also been uploaded to YouTube.

‘Succession’ The TV Show

Out of all the shows I’ve watched over the past year I’d have to say watching ‘Succession’ on HBO/Foxtel has been the most enjoyable. Most of the characters are pretty deplorable as human beings, but still very likable and interesting.

I’m sure many a dodgy businessman got a hardon watching the highs and lows of these characters and maybe they even looked closely for tips on how to be more ruthless and cunning in their own line of work.

This show will continue to be my guilty pleasure as long as it keeps churning out such gripping TV content.

Easily 5 Stars.

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