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Ricky Browne

Ricky Nolan Browne was born in 1977 which makes him a Xennial. This is the micro-generation between Gen X and Millenials.

Born in Australia, Ricky has lived most of his life in country NSW. Growing up on farms at Molong near Orange and Geurie near Dubbo, gave him a love for the bush and its diverse flora and fauna.

Ricky Browne is now forty-five and has written multiple books over the past three years, and is working on more. It took a few epochs of change before Ricky was able to write consistently.

He has written books for himself and made up books for his family, and has self-published six others. Four of his self-published books are humour, another a book of poetry, and one book on his principles for life he gleaned from his experiences and reading. Ricky also has two blogs containing short pieces of writing on society, politics and self-development.

Ricky Browne is an agnostic who takes inspiration from the bible but is in many ways critical of Christianity and the church. Ricky’s wife is a Christian, and he considers that to be one of the reasons she’s such a wonderful individual.

Ricky has incorporated a lot of insights from western and eastern philosophies and has done a fair amount of reading on modern psychology including positive psychology, which he has incorporated into his mental schema.

This incorporation of knowledge of the mind has given Ricky a high level of self-awareness and has made him a very logical thinker to a large degree.



I’ve been using modafinil regularly for a couple of years now. I was able to get a prescription for it because I have sleep apnea. I find it hard to focus for long periods on any one task, but I find that when I need to get a lot of work done I can take a tablet and be able to stay on task longer than I would without the tablet. I don’t take them every day because I can only get thirty at a time and they are not cheap as they are not covered by the PBS in Australia.I have considered buying them from overseas where I can buy them in larger quantities and with a higher dosage. Even if I was to find that the larger dose was unnecessary I could cut them in half and double the lifespan of the packet. Unfortunately, it seems you can only buy them overseas using cryptocurrency which at this stage has a bit of a learning curve involved in using it. So thus far I haven’t tried to source them outside of Australia. Modafinil is probably not for everyone and the government has restrictions on usage, but it does seem to work for me, especially when I want to spend time writing or working on tasks where I want my brain firing on all four cylinders.

The 20 Second Rule

Today I learnt about the 20-second rule by Eric Barker. The idea is to reduce barriers to regular habits to ensure you can start them in under 20 seconds. He gives the example of wanting to play the guitar. But to play his guitar he had to remove it from the cupboard then remove it from its case which took more than 20 seconds. He then took the batteries out of his remote and put them in a cupboard in the kitchen.

This created a barrier to him watching TV as it would take more than 20 seconds to put the batteries in the remote. So the next time he sat down to watch TV he realised that he couldn’t easily switch the TV on, so he decided to pick up the guitar which he had placed in the lounge room on a guitar stand. Soon he started spending more time playing guitar and less time watching TV. If you want to get something done reduce the start time and you will be less likely to procrastinate and find something easier to do.

Being Real Means

Being real means showing who you are, not what you think what others want you to be. Being real means being in the moment without trying to impress. Being real means being vulnerable. Being real means telling it how it is.

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